Welcome to Groot Gamsberg Wildlife Sanctuary, with its magnificent “Badlands", and the splendid wilderness of Red Hills and Mt . Barry. This mountain habitat is home to the secretive African leopard , the beautiful Hartmans Mountain Zebra , the spiral horned kudu and a host of other amazing wildlife.

Groot Gamsberg Wilderness is situated 126 kilometres S.W. of Windhoek City. Formerly a cattle ranch, Robin and Pauline Hurt and Dan Mousley have developed it into a superb wildlife sanctuary, of approx. 21,000 acres (8,335 hectares).

Internal cattle fences have been removed, with only some low boundary fences remaining. All fences in the mountain areas have been removed to allow free movement of wildlife between our land and the huge adjoining reservoir of wildlife – namely the “Badlands”. Wildlife occurring in large numbers are , springbok, red hartebeest, ostrich, warthog, black wildebeest and other species. Migrating on and off the area, through the mountains, are klipspringer, kudu, mountain zebra and oryx (Gemsbok).

The landscape of the area is rocky granite and schist mountains with spectacular kopjes dominating the bush and grass veld. There are magnificent views and many interesting features including a unique Aloe Dichotoma (Quiver Tree) forest, steep cragged mountains and beautiful rock pools. The conservancy borders Namibia’s third highest mountain (2349 metres), which is the table top Groot Gamsberg mountain and it’s satellite Klein Gamsberg mountain. Views of these mountains from the verandah of the house are wonderful, and the sunsets are the best in the world.

The climate at Gamsberg ranges from 0 celsius on some winter nights to 35 celsius on hot days in the summer. The farm receives a cool breeze during the summer and is never excessively or unbearably hot. The air is very dry. The sun shines almost all year! Our area is famous for clear skies is known to be the best site for star gazing and astrological studies.

In addition to the wildlife already mentioned, you are likely to see several varieties of game birds, other species of birds, small game such as meerkats, mongeese, bat eared foxes, aardwolfs, ardvaarks and maybe even a pangolin! There are unique and unusual species of flora and plants – aloes, grasses, the resurrection bush, cyphostemmas, acacias etc. The geology of Namibia is extremely interesting and you may get to meet some of the tribes people including Herreros, Namas, Ovambos, Bastas and Himbas.