C., L., A. & R. D., UK – March 2018

Thank you for showing us your amazing home, stalking through the bush, listening to some amazing stories and for a wonderful introduction to Namibia. Too many points to note but a huge thank you to you all.

M.G., Kenya – May 2018

Robin, Pauline, Dan, Jana and the whole team. What a revitalizing time I have had. Each and every day I have felt blessed with your friendship, warm hospitality and the wonderful experiences we have shared. Thank you so much!!

L. & L. F., Florida, USA – May 2018

We would most sincerely like to thank Robin, Pauline, Dan and Jana along with the entire staff for making our mother/daughter safari an incredible experience. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We were made to feel right at home. The meals and food presentation were exceptional. The entire staff works together seamlessly. Our safari has far exceeded our expectations.
Blood will drym scratches will heal, bruises will fade, memories will last a lifetime!

D., D. & J. W., Fresno/California, USA – June 2018

Really enjoyed our time here at Gamsberg and looking forward to making another trip in the future. Thank you all.

C., E., G., L., C., C., Q., D. & M. M., New York/USA – June 2018

Thank you so much for everything, all of our time here was wonderful. From the people to the amazing scenery and animals we will never forget our amazing stay. All the animals were incredible to see and we really had a once in a lifetime experience! Thanks so much for everything, we felt just at home and we look forward to returning.

E.C., G.S. & A.S., Hungary – July 2018

Thank you for the fantastic hospitality and the hunting. Special thanks to the dogs of Dan :blush: Food was amazing, we were very happy tasting the game meat! Wonderful family!

P. & C. V.D., Switzerland – July 2018

What a remarkable stay with all of you, will remember forever the banana pancakes, fluffy Basil and Big Daddy! Thank you for the good laughs and this incredible lifetime experience.

R.W., Austin/Texas, USA – August 2018

Absolutely an outstanding experience with Robin and Guest James Mellon.

T.W., Norway – September 2018

A memorable end to a splendid week in Caprivi. Perfect hospitality. Thank you.

A.K., London, UK – October 2018

I can now say I have been hunting with legendary Robin Hurt, incredible experience to see people stick to the principle ‘right way or no way’. Big thank you also to Daniel for the time in Caprivi.

K.B., Germany – February 2017 

A great time was had by all. This was my 4th trip to Gamsberg. A great and dear old friend of over 30 safaris!

E. and N.C. , London, UK – March 2017

Dear all, we would like to thank you for the most memorable experience of Africa and Namibia. Robin, your knowledge and enthusiasm in hunting and nature conservation was extremely educating. The hunting and the joy of it made my husband a happy man!

G. and E. P., Montana, USA – March 2017

One of the most beautiful areas in the world. The best hospitality possible. Thank you so much.

J. L., Texas, USA – March 2017

This has been one of the best experiences of my life!!

D. and T. F., Colorado, USA – May 2017

Our first CONSERVATION hunt! Thank you all for a world class experience!

M. N., London, UK – June 2017

The magic of Africa is here. Thank you all.

R. and R. S., Texas, USA – June 2017

Absolutely magic! The quality of animals, stalking, staff, property, hospitality, food, entertainment – all else is surpassed!

S. and R. L., Oregon, USA – August 2017

In addition to Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa, our 5th visit to Gamsberg! Always well planned, exciting and enjoyable – and safe! Staying with the Hurts is a special event and unlike anything else – many thanks and best wishes.

J. and C. L., West Sussex, UK – September 2017

The birth of the 8th Rhino, the hoopoe, the incredible views, the living desert and all the views. It is hard to leave. Thank you!

March 2016 – LW, USA

Second tour. Even better. Thanks again for all that your team do.

March 2016 – DB, USA

Wonderful hospitality. Gorgeous landscapes. Thanks.

March 2016 – W & J S, Germany

We enjoyed our first stay in Namibia so much – thanks to your hospitality, the many interesting conversations and your proficient hunting guidance. All the best to you and the Rhino project.

March 2016 – TW, London

Great hiking, great staff, great hospitality. Thank you!

May 2016 – EA, Texas

Groot Gamsberg Ranch is a wonderful place of fun, hospitality, adventure and excitement. A true sportsman’s safari. I will always remember the excitement and joy I had with you. I cannot wait for a return visit and the chance to bring my family.

June 2016 – R and W J, Texas

Thank you for our great introduction to Africa. What a great operation from top to bottom. A trip we will never forget and a great way for us to celebrate W’s 15th Birthday.

June 2016 – CH, Texas

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. This has truly been a trip of a lifetime. A truly unforgettable experience.

June 2016 – HU, Texas

Most awesome time! Too amazing for words! Thank you.

June 2016 – WW, USA

Thank you for another spectacular adventure. Truly amazing.

June 2016 – RF, Mexico

My first time in Africa could not have been better. Thank you so much for an amazing experience.

June 2016 – FSM, Mexico

Great experience. Best trophies ever.

June 2016 – RF Sr. Mexico

Best friends, best hunt. Thank you. I will be back.

2015, JW, USA.

Thank you for such a great trip. I could not have had a better first safari. All the bes

2015, B & A M, USA.

We leave in the riches of having experienced Robin Hurt Namibia and witnessing Robin’s wildlife management and hunting.

2015, A L D, Canada.

It has been a true privilege meeting you and sharing a brief spell in your slice of paradise.

2015, K & A S, New Zealand.

What a wonderful time at Gamsberg with the Robin Hurt Team. So many wonderful stories and photos.

2015, LC, England.

Thank you to the whole team for a wonderful holiday and insight into conservation & appreciation of African wildlife.

2015, T D, USA.

A hunting trip and experience of a lifetime! Special to experience it with my good friend and his son and my son. You have a great team and I feel fortunate to get to experience the legacy you have built both here and throughout Tanzania.

2015, BBJ, Jr.

Thank you Mr Hurt. An excellent experience in Namibia. Best trip ever!

2015, DT, Dallas.

Extraordinary hunt with great hosts, great PHs, and superb spotters. A truly joyous visit.

2015, TD, Texas.

Thank you so much for making my first trip to Africa such a wonderful experience. You have hooked me with exceptional hospitality, outstanding fellowship, amazing landscape and awesome trophies. Thank you so much.

2015, TS, USA.

How can I express how wonderful this trip has been. It has been a dream and your hospitality has been perfect. Thanks again.

2015, M&L B, UAE.

Wow! What an amazing experience. The safari was such a learning experience and thrilling to see the Rhinos. Best part was the hospitality and friendship.

2015, DG, USA.

This is the most amazing hunting, hiking, viewing and photography experience ever! Your conservation work is truly inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

August 2014, K&P H, USA: 

Thank you for a lifetime of memories & starting a tradition for my father and I.

August 2014GBM, USA

Thank you again for another grand adventure!  You’re the best!!

August 2014KS & CS, USA: 

A wonderful place and great people to spend time with. What more can one ask.  Thanks again.

July 2014, SW, USA:

The most unforgettable experience and vacation of my life.  I enjoyed the heaps of kindness and hospitality.  I can’t wait to come back and spend more time.

July 2014, AS, Costa Rica: 

Thank you for an unforgettable experience, for being such great hosts.  Til next time.

July 2014SB, USA:

The stuff of Dreams.  Thanks.

June 2014S & C L, USA: 

We so appreciate your hospitality and the fantastic hunting on your beautiful ranch.

June 2014EC, Texas, USA: 

Thank you for the spectacular memories. We loved every moment.

June 2014MC, Texas, USA:

Amazing place.  Had the best experience of my life!

June 2014HC, Texas, USA: 

A trip of a lifetime.

May 2014LW, USA:  

SIMPLY FANTASTIC. Fantastic ranch, with Fantastic People.

November 2013, JuB, Germany:

Thank you all for a truly wonderful time.

November 2013, JB, Belgium: 

A great thank you to Pauline and Robin and their fabulous crew.

August 2013MB, UAE:

Well done, Well done. Thank you.

August 2013, WW,USA: 

Thank you for a great hunt and the unbelievable hospitality.

August 2013, ECA,  USA:  

Couldn’t have had a better time.  Thank you everyone.

August 2013, HRP, Texas:

Thank you for a wonderful 14th Safari.  Namibia is like coming home.

August 2013TMM, Texas: 

Thank you so much for another incredible experience!! And thank you again for your most gracious hospitality and friendship!!

July 2013GW, Germany:

Thank you for the nice time which we had together.

July 2013, S&GA, South Africa: 

Loved every minute, thanks.

June 2012, JC, USA:

What a bespoke experience!. Thank you for a great hunt and for sharing your home with us.

June 2012, BB, Panama:

Wonderful hunting experience, with the master of the stalk. Great company and great staff.

May 2012, RS, Mexico:

Thanks a lot for everything. We had a great time. We enjoyed the company, the hunt and the place.

April 2012, PW, Canada:

Loved the hunt, loved the place, love you guys!

April 2012, DD, Canada:

From a rookie to a Bwana. Fantastic people. Fantastic hunt. Fantastic time.

July 2011, P. E., Mexico:

I will be back before you know it!

July 2011, H.P., Mexico:

As always the best. Kind and fond regards.

May 2011, JM, USA:

It just doesn’t get any better!

May 2011, CH, USA:

Such a wonderful time in a beautiful place with amazing people!

June 2010, Family M, USA:

Thanks for a wonderful hunt. This was our first “desert" hunt and was quite different! You have a wonderful well run operation as usual. It has been a pleasure to hunt with you again. See you next time.

June 2010. C. P. and N. W. , London:

Thank you for introducing us and teaching us about the ethics and mentality of hunting in this wonderfully wild land. This memory will linger in our minds for many years.

May 2010, General and Mrs B., USA:

Thank you for sharing your “bit of paradise" with us. We will never forget the trip – hunting, laughs and comradeship – it was all there!

April 2009, Family M, Switzerland

Wonderful exciting days. Thanks a lot!

July 2008, G.M., USA:

I have been on a number of safaris in the past but none as great as this one.

June 2008, S.C., USA:

Thank you for making my first trip to Africa a most memorable life long dream a reality – wonderful!

July 2007, Family d.R., Florida:

Legendary PH, lots of game, great hostess, extraordinary food. Thank you so much for allowing my family and I to have an experience of a life time. The best vacation ever!

May 2007. Family H, Germany:

Beautiful and exciting. Thank you for your hospitality!

May 2007, R. and E. H., France:

Our home away from home! Thank you for a wonderful time and great hunting.

Dec 2006, Dr K. B., Germany:

“Gott in Himmel”! War das wunderschoen.!

March 2006, J. P., England:

the experience of a lifetime with lovely people, a big thank you to you all.

March 2006, C. L., Somerset, England:

Fantastic, what can I say. Thank you

March 2006, H.P, Dallas Texas:

Another great hunt with Robin!