Big Game Hunts

Big Game
Hunting with Robin Hurt Safaris in Namibia

We offer Big Game Hunts in various different community managed conservancies
in the most north-eastern tip of Namibia, the Zambezi region, previously known
as Caprivi strip, an easy flight from Windhoek. The camps here are basic, but

The hunting areas are shared with the local community, who have been
living in the area for a long time and manage it today. A large proportion of
the proceeds for these hunts go directly towards community development and
empowerment as well as wildlife conservation and management in the area. The
funding also helps offset any damage caused by wildlife/human conflict and
supports education and anti-poaching efforts within the conservancy as well as
providing significant employment. Additionally all the meat goes directly to
the various villages and forms a large part of their protein intake throughout
the year – all these factors being essential to conserving wildlife in these
areas for the future by giving people an incentive to conserve and appreciate
wildlife, knowing its worth.

Species available for hunting
include buffalo, crocodile and hippo, as well as limited Plains Game. A week in
the Zambezi region makes a great add-on (or safari in itself) to a week at
Gamsberg and Mount Barry Conservancy.

Zambezi safaris start and end in Katima Mulilo (flights from Windhoek to
Katima Mulilo currently depart every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and
return the same day in the afternoon).